Peer review debate analysis

On 2 April, Peer Review Watch hosted a debate about how to fix peer review. People participated online by using the hashtag #prwdebate.

The location data of all the tweets using this hashtag can be explored on the interactive map below.



Reactions to #prwdebate

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 21.03.36

Well, seeing as you asked so nicely…

Here is a selection of audience and Twitter discussions before, during and after last week’s debate. There were hundreds of tweets which used the #prwdebate hashtag, so if you spot something we missed, let us know in the comments!

Click here for our Storify collection of tweets from the event!



Life of a hashtag #peerreview

We created an infographic that shows the use of #peerreview on Twitter in the past month.

#PeerReview appeared on twitter 822 times in the past month.



‘In Science We Trust’ twitter curation

During the ‘In Science We Trust?’ debate the hashtag #csf2014trust was used, here is a curation of some tweets from the debate:

After Mark Patterson’s intro


The continuing success of #PeerReviewHaiku

To increase our twitter presence, on the back of the success of #SixWordPeerReview we started the hashtag #PeerReviewHaiku. Naturally, we started with a haiku.

Peer review haiku

Share your experiences

Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet



Within hours, the hashtag had taken off and academics and students alike were creating their own. (more…)