Peer review: an author’s perspective

To get an idea of what it is like going through the peer review process as a paper’s author, I spoke to physicist Joe Goodwin, who recently had his first paper reviewed before publication in Nature Communications.

Q: How long did the reviewing process take, from submission to a published paper?

A: My paper in Nature Communications was first submitted in May, and was published in October. Half of that delay was at our end, but Nature Communications publishes so many hundreds of papers per year that everything takes a while.


David Willetts on Access to Research [Audio]

David Willetts speaking at the Access to Research launch event

by @jack_millner

Listen to Minister of State for Universities and Science David Willetts speaking at the launch event for Access to Research on 3 February 2014 , a scheme designed to provide access to thousands of scientific papers to users of local local libraries.