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Postgraduate perceptions of peer-review

City University has over 150 taught postgraduate courses. As many of the students on these courses will both undergo the peer-review process themselves, and probably peer-review someone else’s work, I thought it would be interesting to survey them on their thoughts of the process.

Here are some of my results:

1) Do you think there should be more open access journals?


From a reader point of view, I want more open access journals, but from a writer┬┤s view – no, because I will not publish if I have to pay! I have peer reviewed once and this was a very bad experience. It seemed to me more the cosmetics of the editor having fulfilled the peer review process than real care about my thoughts.



Peer review is broken, how do we fix it?

At our upcoming event ‘Peer review is broken, how do we fix it?’ we will have a panel, from each aspect of the peer review process, discussing the problems with peer review.

The event is on the 2nd April and you can find further details and sign up for the event here.

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