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After the #prwdebate – interview with Adam Etkin

The following is an interview with Adam Etkin, Managing Director of PRE-Score – a peer review evaluation system. Adam is based in New York, so he followed the #prwdebate “Peer review is broken, how can we fix it?” on Twitter and YouTube. I asked him about his thoughts on the debate, and the topics that we covered.


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Did you watch the debate live using our Google hangout?



#prwdebate on video

Last night at City University, London we hosted a debate about the peer review process. If you missed it, you can catch it on YouTube here!


Gravitational waves make a ripple before peer review

Earlier this week, the discovery of gravitational waves by scientists working with the BICEP2 collaboration at the south pole made a huge impact in the media.

The discovery – the first ever glimpse of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime predicted by Einstein, allows us to look back  in time further than it was thought possible. It teaches us something fundamentally new about what happened a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the big bang, and it could mean the beginning of a whole new era of astrophysics.



Life of a hashtag #peerreview

We created an infographic that shows the use of #peerreview on Twitter in the past month.

#PeerReview appeared on twitter 822 times in the past month.



The continuing success of #PeerReviewHaiku

To increase our twitter presence, on the back of the success of #SixWordPeerReview we started the hashtag #PeerReviewHaiku. Naturally, we started with a haiku.

Peer review haiku

Share your experiences

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Within hours, the hashtag had taken off and academics and students alike were creating their own. (more…)


Access To Research by Publishers Licensing Society – The Launch Event

by @abbybeall


Tonight will see the launch of a scheme to make public over 8,000 research journals around the world. Access To Research will make over 1.5 million academic articles available online in participating public libraries – including research in health, social sciences, biological research and engineering. (more…)


What do physicists think about the peer review process?

by @abbybeall

The issues raised by the peer review process vary depending on the research subject. I set out to get an idea what the main issues are for physicists with the peer review process. For this, I used Physics Forums. You can find the original discussion here.

I started out by asking general questions about the peer review process.

1 (more…)