Postgraduate perceptions of peer-review

City University has over 150 taught postgraduate courses. As many of the students on these courses will both undergo the peer-review process themselves, and probably peer-review someone else’s work, I thought it would be interesting to survey them on their thoughts of the process.

Here are some of my results:

1) Do you think there should be more open access journals?


From a reader point of view, I want more open access journals, but from a writer´s view – no, because I will not publish if I have to pay! I have peer reviewed once and this was a very bad experience. It seemed to me more the cosmetics of the editor having fulfilled the peer review process than real care about my thoughts.


2) Which journal would you most like to be published in?

ImageBecause the postgraduates in the survey were from a wide range of courses, the answers were extremely varied. However, Nature was the most popular choice of journal to be published in. (Click on the infographic for the interactive graph).

3) Do you think peer-review should be done as a double-blind process? (reviewers do not know who they are reviewing, and reviewees do not know who reviewed)

Image4) Do you think the peer-review process should be uniform across all journals?

While most answers to the Yes/No questions in the survey showed a clear preference to one answer, this questions caused the biggest discrepancy in opinion.

60% of the respondents thought that the process should be uniform, while the other 40% did not.


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