Peer review debate analysis

On 2 April, Peer Review Watch hosted a debate about how to fix peer review. People participated online by using the hashtag #prwdebate.

The location data of all the tweets using this hashtag can be explored on the interactive map below.

As you can see, we had participation from every continent on Earth, including tweets from New Zealand, Egypt, Paraguay and South Korea.

There were 840 tweets in total, with 596 of them on the day. Here’s a graph of the lifetime of our hashtag:

chart_1 (7)

While it looks like participation stopped after the day, this is not the case – the debate continues online at the time of writing. In the above graph, the later tweets are merely eclipsed by the bulk of tweets from the day. This is shown below in a graph of tweets since the day of the debate:


Here is a quick breakdown of the words used in the tweets:

chart_1 (7)


And as a follow up to debate, we issued an online poll, asking the question: Is peer review broken? Below are the results, as they currently stand.



The poll is still open, so feel free to vote!



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